Property Management


Property management is essential for estate development. Our management team is well trained and competent to provide variety of services to the resident including security, cleaning, maintenance of the common area and facilities, and refuse removal, etc.

Role of the Management Company

Management Company shall be responsible for and shall have full and unrestricted authority to do all such acts and things as may be necessary or requisite for the proper management and maintenance of Pictorial Garden Phase II.

Management Fee

Management fee is to pay all costs and expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred by the Management Company in relation to the management and maintenance of the common areas and common services facilities of the estate.

Payment Method

1. Cheque payment
Cheque should be crossed and made payable to “S.T. 303 Management Limited”. Receipt will be issued upon payment.

2. Autopay service
For details, please contact our Customer Services Office.

Recovery of moneys due by Management Company

If any owners shall fail to pay any amount payable, he/she shall further pay the interest, collection charge and legal costs (if any) to the Management Company.

Surplus/ Deficit of the estate account

According to the Building Management Ordinance, the Manager shall open and maintain an interesting-bearing account and shall use that account exclusively in respect of the management of the building. According to the Deed of Mutual Covenant, all owners shall bear and pay for all expenses incurred by the manager for the proper management.


If you have any queries regarding to our services, please contact our Customer Services Office by phone or by email. Please also leave your name, address and contact no., our Customer Services Office will approach you as soon as possible.